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[EN] [CS] Server Rules
  • The game is free (you don't have to run like crazy after planting the bomb/defuse it due to the time running out, thinking that you will be sanctioned by the admins);
  • You have the obligation to do WarGods tests and present them at the request of the admins (otherwise you will receive a permanent ban);
  • Obviously, cheating is not allowed, be it of any kind (otherwise you will receive a permanent ban);
  • It is forbidden to take advantage of map bugs (risk slap/slay/kick/ban);
  • Maintain appropriate behavior;
  • Obscene, offensive, etc. nicknames are prohibited, as well as the inclusion of web addresses in them;
  • It is forbidden to discourage the admins by asking to change the map or to sanction a player;
  • Admin/slot/VIP requests on the server are prohibited (there are forums for such requests);
  • Spam in the chat is prohibited;
  • It is forbidden to question the decisions of the admins (in case you consider yourself unfair, you can file a complaint in the appropriate section).
No player, be it admin/slot/VIP, is exempt from these rules! Violation of the rules leads to consequences on the server!

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