To see our rules click here: GENERAL FORUMS RULES

All registered members must understand that using our forums is not a right, but a privilege granted by IFYOUPLAY.TOP Gaming, the forum administrators thus reserving the right to select community members.
Any violation of these rules allows the moderators and administrators to issue warnings and ultimately ban the members in question for an indefinite period.

No member of our community can invoke as an excuse for violating the rules the fact that he did not know of its existence.

  • The rules of our forums can change over time without a general announcement. We recommend members to periodically check this thread to know the possible changes.
  • To read the messages posted by members of our community, you do not need to register, but to post you must register. In case you don't want to register and still post, there is a special section where unregistered users can post.
  • The IFYOUPLAY.TOP Gaming staff respects all its members, therefore, we will not share your personal information with anyone.
  • Use your common sense and you will be appreciated for it. No one appreciates a poorly educated man.

  • Each member can use only one account on our forums. Registering and/or using multiple accounts leads to the permanent banning of newly registered accounts. If there are several people registered and they use the same PC or are connected to the same internet, please let us know to avoid banning of the accounts.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use obscenities in messages, in the username or anywhere else on the forum. Otherwise, we will give you 7 days to calm down (account suspension).
  • It is forbidden to use a username similar to an already existing one (it can create confusion) as well as to use a web address as a username. The respective user will receive a warning for the first time and his username will be changed and if he repeats the mistake, the account will be permanently banned.
  • Changing the username is possible from your control panel (User CP). Please do not contact staff members for username changes!
  • Transferring the account to another person leads to the banning of the account that was transferred.

  • Before opening a new thread, check if there is already a discussion on that topic through a simple search.
  • The title of the thread must be explicited and not in a general way.
  • The messages must include as much information as possible. If you want a prompt answer, make sure you provide as much information as possible.
  • If you express your opinion in an already existing discussion, make sure that your message is on topic. Off-topic messages will be penalized with 1 warning point.
  • The use of vulgar, obscene or discriminatory language by members is not allowed. It is not acceptable to be offended or attack forum members just because they do not share the same opinion.
  • Messages consisting exclusively of such smileys, writing exclusively in capital letters or excessive use of colors are not accepted, use MyCode only when you want to highlight something.
  • If you copy a text and post it, write the source.
  • Any member has the right to challenge a moderator's decision if it directly affects him.

  • It is not accepted to open threads with forumist games, music, etc. You can do that in the "Entertainment" section!
  • If you want different artworks for your server, you can use the "Artwork Zone" section.
  • In the case of general discussion threads, if the main rules of the forums are not respected, the threads will be closed by staff members without the right to reopen.

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