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[EN] [CS] Admins Rules
First of all, the general rules of the server must also be respected by admins, as I have already specified!
Secondly, there is a set of rules for the server admins:
  • It is forbidden to remove (kick) a player to make room for another (spectators are still players);
  • It is forbidden to implement non-existent rules in those written by me;
  • If you detect inappropriate behavior of a player, you have the obligation to sanction him (llama/kick/ban for a few minutes - don't forget to remove the llama via amx_unllama in a reasonable time);
  • It is forbidden to unban someone without a request made in this regard;
  • Changing the map is only done in the last 5 minutes left of the current map or only if the number of players suddenly decreases and the map is too big;
  • Before banning a player make sure you have the necessary evidence in case of an unban request (demo/WarGods test);
  • You have the obligation to have a thread with evidence of the bans given in the related section;
  • If I'm on the server when you ban a player, you can make sure that I'm paying attention to what it's about so that there's no need to post the respective ban in the evidence;
  • It is forbidden to change the default settings of the server;
  • You have the obligation to be active both on the server and on its forums, for possible discussions;
  • It is forbidden to borrow the nickname/password you have access to;
  • Make the important decisions together with the other online admins;
  • It is forbidden to use amx commands between admins;
  • Admins inactivity of more than 7 days is announced in advance in the "Staff Only" section;
  • Upgrade requests on the server or via private messages are prohibited, you have a section created specifically for such requests.
Along with me, all the admins are responsible for the good functioning of the server!

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