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[EN] [GTA V] Make Your Final Choice Save
Credits: LucaCiz2502
.rar   IFYOUPLAY.TOP-make_your_final_choice_save_4bfc3.rar (Size: 242.94 KB / Downloads: 0)
Instructions:  Copy-paste the save in your "savegames" folder. It's either in: 
-Documents>Rockstar Games>GTA V
-AppData>Local>Rockstar Games>GTA V
-AppData>Roaming>Goldberg SocialClub Emu Saves>GTA V>0F74F4C4 (possibly no savegame folder in here)

[Image: 530-90_65b12af0f02db.jpg]

GTA V save before your final choice.

-ALMOST all missions completed with gold medal.
--The Jewel Store Job completed in the Smart way.
--The Merryweather Heist completed in the Freighter option.
--The Paleto Score completed.
--The Bureau Raid completed in the Roof way.
--The Big Score completed in the Obvious way.
--All Strangers & Freaks completed with gold medal as well (including Epsilon, Omega and Dreyfuss).
--All properties bought.
--All hobbies and passtimes completed.
--All random events completed.
--All various completed.
---Just interact in the F to make your choice.

P.D: There may still be some properties management missions left to do because they wouldn't pop up no matter 
how much time passed. You're welcome to finish them.

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