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[EN] [DC] Server Rules
  • Keep an appropriate behavior, in all respects;
  • Arguments, insults, personal attacks, harassment are prohibited;
  • It is forbidden to move from one channel to another just to create noise, respectively, to disturb the other people connected on that channel;
  • It is forbidden to request permanent channels on the server (these are free and can be obtained by request on our forums in the relevant section);
  • It is forbidden to start external sounds (eg: music, voice recordings) on public channels;
  • It is forbidden to record conversations without bringing this to the knowledge of the participants in the dialogue;
  • Obscene, offensive, etc. nicknames are prohibited, as well as the inclusion of web addresses in them;
  • Spam in the chat is prohibited;
  • It is forbidden to question the decisions of the administrators (in case you consider yourself unfair, you can file a complaint on our forums, in the appropriate section).

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